The latest from The US Military: they make 200+ gallons of fuel per day with with a BioPro 380EX & SpringPro T76 and saved $560,00 in their first 10 months. US Military
Uraguay makes 30. BioPro processors currently operating in 30 countries and in all 50 states. View the network

We Make The BioPro™ Biodiesel Processors. Automated, ASTM-grade fuel for 85 ¢/gal

The 2018 BioPro™ NEVER BETTER

We Make the Best Small-Scale Biodiesel Processors on the Planet.

Springboard Biodiesel has been making the BioPro™ line of biodiesel processors Since April of 2008; currently we have more than 1000 units in operation, in 32 countries and in all 50 states.

Every year we issue upgrades based on the feedback of our customers as well as our engineers. In 2018, the BioPro™ has never been better.

Features of the BioPro™:

  • The body of the BioPro™ is made from 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel.
  • All surfaces are chemically compatible with biodiesel.
  • The BioPro™ is safe! All BioPros use explosion proof motors, pumps and piping. The heating system supplies indirect heat avoiding the submersion of heating elements in flammable liquids. All components are UL or NRTL compliant, and the entire unit bears a CE mark for safety and engineering. See safety docs. and/or watch our safety video.
  • The BioPro™ is extremely easy to operate. (ie. It's automated! Load it up, press start and walk away).
  • The BioPro™ shepherds a two-stage reaction (esterification followed by transesterification) enabling it to convert used cooking oils that are dirtier than what other processors that only do one reaction can convert.
  • The BioPro™ will make premium-grade fuel consistently and reliably.
  • Efficient chemical and electrical usage. Total chemical and electrical input costs are 90 cents per gallon in California as of January 1, 2018.
  • The BioPro™ allows for automated as well as full manual operation.
  • The BioPro™ has a 1 year warranty and comes with excellent customer service support.
  • They Rock
  • We urge you to do the research. We make the best biodiesel processor on the planet.

    Partial list of upgrades:

    1. Side site glasses show exact levels in secondary methanol and methoxide tanks.

    2. Electronics upgrades - AC to DC system

    3. Relay and fuse housing upgrades.

    4. Additional programming options: Acid/Base/Base reaction can be selected and is automated.

    5. INCOSEP accelerator option - accelerates production time from 48 hours to 23 hours without loss of fuel quality. All BioPros currently come with retrofit option. (Note: processing time can be sped up further to 11 hours per batch with the use of an optional SpringPro T76 drywash.

    6. Premix motor assembly - speed increase, parts upgrade.

    7. Methanol and methoxide dispensing upgrades.

    8. Water out assembly upgrades including greater flow rate and faster elimination of water in wash cycle.

    9. Improved chemical support


    Please contact us if you have questions: (530) 894 1793