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Biodiesel Links

Find biodiesel locations near you with nearbio.com NearBio is a FREE service that combines the most comprehensive list of US biodiesel stations (retail pumps) and driving directions with easy access from your cell phone or your computer!
http://www.biodiesel.org A great place to start when learning about biodiesel
http://www.biodieselmagazine.com Learn about the newest trends and keep up with the ever growing biodiesel industry.
http://www.biofuelreview.com A great place to get the latest news about the biofuels industry.
http://www.epa.gov The United States Environmental Protection Agency.
http://www.gas2.org Gas2.org covers new technologies and stories in the alternative energy community.
http://www.eia.ode.gov Energy Information Administration - U.S.A.
http://www.eere.energy.com Knowledge on energy and alternative energies.
http://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com One of the best place's on the web to find biodiesel equipment and information online.
http://www.soicalbiofuels.org A great resource for current and curios diesel car buyers/owners
http://www.biofuelsystems.com/wintron.htm An excellent additive to reduce gelling temperature during winter months
http://www.kumastoves.com/ Manufacturer of quality American made wood stoves, oil stoves and biodiesel stoves since 1981.
http://www.make-biodiesel.org Learn about biodiesel production and related topics.