BioPro 150 Automated Biodiesel Processor

The BioPro™ 150 offers the same quality, ease of use, and safety that the BioPro™ 190 and the BioPro™ 380 are known for, but in a smaller package, producing 40 gallons of biodiesel every 48 hours. As with the BioPro™ 190 and the BioPro™ 380, the BioPro™ 150 is constructed of 304 stainless steel; all components are industrial-grade quality.

biopro 150 biodiesel processor
biopro 150 level indicator
  • Innovative Monitoring Features.
  • Power Button for L.E.D. Sensors.
  • Easy to read and understand! Just fill until the appropriate switch lights up and stays lit. Please Read Your Owners Manual
  • This latest upgrade further establishes the BioPro™ 150 as the most affordable, high-quality biodiesel processor available. It's simple, small, and dependable.
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Operating the BioPro™ 150 is similar to operating the BioPro™ 190 with the following exceptions:

After each automated spray wash or turbulent wash cycle, the waste water is drained off manually. One tank is employed to accommodate the methanol/ methoxide used for the esterification /transesterification reactions. At the beginning of the process, the user must stay with the machine for about 8-10 minutes while the methanol is pumped out of this tank into the main reaction vessel. After this step is complete, the user must add the catalyst and a second dose of methanol to the same tank. The machine will do the rest.