Welcome to the Springboard Biodiesel Buyers Club

Phone -  (530) 894-1793


We are excited to offer a local biodiesel buyer's club to Butte County, This area has a large diesel fleet and a broad group of progressive individuals and institutions that are eager to incorporate biodiesel into their normal fueling regimen.


By offering locally produced biodiesel, we are building a network of new "regular" biodiesel users and collectively make a difference today by reducing the area's carbon footprint.


The new Springboard fueling facility is located at 2323 Park Ave.  Members will be able to buy B-99 in any available volume.


Members can pick up fuel any time during weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 


If a customer requires fuel outside of those hours, they can call a day or two in advance to arrange pick up:  (530) 894-1793


If a customer requires a different blend of fuel (not B99) please call. 


There is a one time up front membership fee of $20.