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We Make The BioPro™ Biodiesel Processors. Automated, ASTM-grade fuel for 85 ¢/gal

GNU TREATMENT UNIT. Refurbished BioPro™ 190, SpringPro™ T76s and LAMOTHEN Methanol Purifier


Springboard is now offering a glycerol and wash water treatment unit.

General: The GNU (Glycerin Neutralization Unit) processes the glycerin and wastewater from biodiesel batch sizes up to 100 gallons.  Up to one batch worth of glycerin and wastewater may be processed per day.  Soaps present in the glycerin and wastewater phases are eliminated through acidulation, oils are separated, and the remaining fluid is pH neutralized, yielding a benign water phase with dilute dissolved glycerin and salts.  This water phase is easily disposable, and the separated oils are suitable for incineration or removal to a renderer or oil collection group.  More info.

Operation: The process is automated and controlled by a PLC.  Final pH neutralization must be manually checked using pH indicator strips.  The GNU is compatible with any biodiesel processing system.  BioPro processor controls can interface directly with the GNU.

Call for further details 1-888-677-9364


We have 1 refurbished BioPro 190

BioPro™ 190 - $8900 + shipping

We have 4

SpringPro™ T76 - $5850 + shipping

All equipment is previously owned and upgraded to 2017 specs and comes with 1 year warranty

Call for details. 1-888-677-9364


This is the Lamothen (scroll down).  Put 75 gallons of wet or dirty methanol in and get methanol out at 99.8% purity (ie. ready to reuse in a BioPro).

Will purify one gallon per hour or 24 gallons per day.   Call for pricing.  1-888-677-9364