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The GNU-434: The latest innovation from Springboard Biodiesel for handling your glycerin and wash water


When you are making biodiesel, you should always have a smart glycerin management strategy.

Here is an incredibly effective and safe way to handle your by-products. 

General: The GNU-434 (Glycerin Neutralization Unit) processes the glycerin and wastewater from biodiesel batch sizes up to 115 gallons/434 liters (or less).  One batch worth of glycerin and wastewater may be processed every 8 to 12 hours.  Soaps present in the glycerin and wastewater phases are eliminated through acidulation, oils are separated, and the remaining fluid is pH neutralized, yielding a benign water phase with dilute dissolved glycerin and salts.  This water phase is easily disposable, and the separated oils are suitable for incineration or for handing off to a renderer.

Operation: The process is automated and controlled by a PLC.  Final pH neutralization must be manually checked using pH indicator strips.  The GNU is compatible with any biodiesel processing system.  BioPro processor controls interface directly with the GNU.

Ingredients: Quantities may vary, but the average glycerin and wastewater from a typical 100 gallon batch of fuel requires 3400 mL of sulfuric acid and 500-1000 grams of sodium hydroxide.  Acid and hydroxide are added manually on the standard model; an automated acid dispensing pump is available as an add-on option.
Electrical/Pneumatic Requirements:  
110-120V single phase 60 Hz, 10A (typical household power outlet)
Compressed air: 90 psi, < 1CFM (small portable air compressor)

Automated Version
Manually Operated Version
Optional Acid Pump upgrade (for Automated Version only): $800

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