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Welcome to the Springboard Biodiesel Buyers Club

We are excited to bring a local biodiesel buyer's club to Butte County, This area has a large diesel fleet and a broad group of progressive individuals and institutions that are eager to incorporate biodiesel into their normal fueling regimen.

By offering locally produced biodiesel, we can build a network of new "regular" biodiesel users and collectively make a difference today by reducing the area's carbon footprint.


Welcome to our affiliate program (aka Friends of SB):

This is a simple lead generation program.

By now you have had a chance to look at our website and you are aware that we make an award-winning automated appliance that will convert nearly all used cooking oils (within reason) into premium grade biodiesel for -and this really is the kicker- 95¢/gallon.

Biodiesel Mandates and Initiatives

1. Global Mandates

2. North America:

Testing for Small-Scale Biodiesel Quality

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