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Biodiesel has been an option for a long time

The suggestion that use of commercial biodiesel processors can salvage mounting energy needs is not new.




Institutions, businesses, municipalities, farmers, cooperatives, and anyone else with access to vegetable or animal oils could all use the ability to convert that oil into premium grade biodiesel. Now, thanks to recent developments in technology, it's as easy as using a washing machine.


At Springboard Biodiesel, we spend a lot of time addressing ill-informed, mis-informed and maliciously deceitful opinions regarding biodiesel. As a result, we are tired of hearing about ill-informed car salesman, myopic fleet managers and "my dad's friend"s belittling biodiesel and hinting that use of the "stuff" could void your warranty.

I recently had the opportunity to present at a TEDx event here in Chico. It isn't every day I am asked to speak about my favorite topic with the camera running, so I'd thought I'd post it here.

Happy to hear feedback or answer any questions you may have.

It remains surprising to me that the climate change issue remains utterly unaddressed by global policy makers. As the climate continues to warm and the oceans continue to acidify and it becomes more difficult to ignore the extreme environmental events that are becoming commonplace, we are left to wonder why change is so slow in coming?

There is a raging political debate that is consuming the airwaves of late - apparently 4 guys in North Carolina and 3 women in Nevada can't tell the difference between the presidential candidates positions on.....just about everything (Early on, I was taught to avoid political discussions in new business settings, and I treat these posts as new business settings. I want the readers to evaluate the substance of biodiesel, rather than the ephemeral policy of biodiesel. So, I will attempt to employ objectivity from here on).