Our BioPro 380 Processors

the cure for diesel™

Automated equipment for the production of cleaner-burning, locally made fuel

Springboard Biodiesel makes appliances that allow anyone to convert waste oils and fats into a clean burning fuel called biodiesel for the lowest possible cost.
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On average, our customers enjoy making fuel for US $1.25 per gallon (approx. US $0.34 per liter). The equipment is easy to operate (it’s automated), safe, and reliably makes the highest quality biodiesel from a broad spectrum of oils.

When the machine has completed its cycle, the operator pumps the finished biodiesel into storage, or any diesel engine mixed with diesel or neat.

case studies

Biodiesel for schools


Our BioPro systems are currently in use at 101 different colleges, universities, and H.S systems

Man operating a BioPro device.

Restaurant and brewery case studies

Biodiesel for restaurants and breweries


Discover how countless of restaurants, breweries, and food establishments are using our processors to generate clean fuel.

A restaurant using a BioPro device.

casino and resort case studies

Biodiesel for casinos and resorts


Create clean-burning, renewable fuel called Biodiesel out of waste cooking oil that is collected from your casino's restaurant kitchens.


farming case studies

Biodiesel for farmers


Lower your fuel operation bills significantly with our BioPro™ processors.

BioPro for farmers

used by the U.s military

Biodiesel for military


The U.S Military users the BioPro 380 & T76 processors at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan where, over the last 5 years, they have saved more than $4.6 million on fuel costs.

An image of our BioPro devices being operated by the U.S Military

small-scale biodiesel production for everyone

Biodiesel for communities


Discover how our BioPro biodiesels help individuals across the world create cheap, affordable and renewable biodiesel with our BioPro line of processors.

BioPro for communities

small-scale biodiesel production for everyone

Biodiesel for municipalities


Discover how our BioPro biodiesel processors help municipalities across the world create cheap, affordable, and renewable biodiesel.

BioPro for municipalities

Make biodiesel at the lowest possible cost

Our easy-to-use BioPro™ processors let you produce biodiesel at the lowest possible cost, just $1.20 USD/gallon ($0.32 USD/liter) (plus the cost of your feed stock oil).

  • Have access to used cooking oil? Try playing with our ROI calculator

  • Automated and easy to use biodiesel machines

  • Designed to produce fuel for many years

Operated by countless organizations including the United States Military

Biodiesel processor lineup from Springboard Biodiesel

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Used in all 50 states and 40 countries across the globe to generate clean biodiesel fuel.

Make Biodiesel From waste cooking oil for $1.15 USD/gallon ($0.32 USD/liter) in automated equipment
Do you have access to used cooking oil? Try playing with our ROI calculator.

roi calculator
Springboard Biodiesel processing equipment

Discover how customers including the US military, universities, and municipalities are using our BioPro™ processors to create their own clean biofuel.

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