Springflow 250 Heat Exchanger

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The SpringFlow 250 – Stop Worrying about Biodiesel Gelling

If you've ever fought with a clogged fuel filter in your car after running biodiesel in the winter months, you know you don't want to deal with that again. The SpringFlow 250 is an all-weather, all-year heat exchanger that uses your car's coolant system to heat your fuel rapidly and effectively, allowing you to avoid many of the headaches that accompany cold weather driving with biodiesel. This robust but manageable device installs easily in any car. It rapidly warms your biodiesel/diesel fuel an average of 50 degrees on its way to your fuel filter, thereby overcoming flow restriction at the fuel filter and resultant power loss, stalling, and hesitation that may result in damage to injection components.

Many Uses for the SpringFlow 250
While the SpringFlow 250 was designed first and foremost for automotive and furnace fuel preheating, it has many additional uses (See SpringFlow 250 Installation and Use Tips, below). The 250 sq cm of tube surface area allow you to move a lot of heat in this compact package – check out the fuel warming performance in SpringFlow Technical Specifications. Biodiesel makers and users will especially appreciate the SpringFlow 250’s all stainless steel construction. Other economically priced heat exchangers incorporate red metals, such as copper, brass, or bronze, which are not compatible with biodiesel. The SpringFlow 250 was designed with biodiesel compatibility in mind.


SpringFlow 250 Documents