Reducing the CO2 Footprint

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Reducing Carbon Dioxide Footprint

​Springboard Biodiesel, LLC is committed to helping build an alternative energy infrastructure that ultimately replaces petroleum with sustainable, renewable, alternative energy sources that help protect our environment.

It is well known that biodiesel has a significantly beneficial emissions profile in comparison to diesel fuel. Multiple studies suggest that for every gallon of biodiesel burned, between 78% (EPA) and 90% (CA. Air Resources Board) less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

Given this compelling fact, we are proud to announce that in 2012, our customers installed approximately 128.1 million pounds of CO2 abatement capacity, thereby doing their part to help build a future alternative energy infrastructure that is good for the planet and good for their fuel budget!

Table comparing diesel vs biodiesel CO2 emissions
For more information, see Biofuels explained: biofuels and the environment, U.S. Energy Information Administration.