INCOSEP Biodiesel Processing Accelerator

The INCOSEP, is manufactured and sold from Springboard Biodiesel, LLC. This device can be installed inside your BioPro 190 or your BioPro 380; it enables users to more than double their biodiesel processing speed, for less than half the price of a BioPro.

This proprietary and patent-pending instrument induces rapid settling of bulk glycerin from raw biodiesel AND separates wash water from biodiesel at a remarkably increased rate, while also helping to prevent emulsions.

Any BioPro 190 or 380 can be upgraded with an INCOSEP.

INCOSEP accelerator to speed up biodiesel production, from Springboard Biodiesel


​The INCOSEP™ significantly reduces processing time in BioPro™ biodiesel processors. Standard BioPro™ processors are rated to repeatably produce ASTM-fuel every 48 hours. Half of this time (24 hours) is dedicated to esterification and transesterification reactions, as well as glycerin settling. The other half of this time is dedicated to washing (1 spray wash and 2 turbulent washes) as well as evaporative drying.

The INCOSEP™ accelerates the esterification, transesterification and glycerin settling process from 24 to 8 hours. Additionally, it reduces the washing and drying processes to 15 hours, rather than 24.

Because of the INCOSEP's™ effectiveness in preventing emulsions, all three washes are now turbulent washes, in which the fuel is stirred into a homogenous mixture with the wash water before the water is quickly settled out and removed, thus exceeding the thoroughness of the already stringent water wash.

Graph showing biodiesel processor batch processing times for BioPro 380
Graph showing processing times for BioPro 190 biodiesel processor

​Springboard Biodiesel, LLC, based in Chico, California, is an established provider of renewable energy products that is committed to supporting the broad use of affordable, renewable biodiesel solutions that are economically and environmentally attractive. The Company's family of industrial-grade BioPro™ processors and SpringPro™ drywash systems enable the fully automated production of ASTM-D6751 quality biodiesel fuel from a variety of sustainable sources. Because the majority of the company's customers are using non-food sources and existing waste streams as feedstock, Springboard's BioPro™ biodiesel processors and drywash equipment are at the forefront of renewable and sustainable energy alternatives today, and are providing our customers with real economic and environmental benefits today