Waste Vegetable Oil Transfer Pump

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Waste Vegetable Oil Transfer Pump – Move Oil Fast

A superior pump for vegetable oil designed by an engineer.

A common rite of passage for Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) users has been continually doling out large chunks of cash for pumps that barely work on waste oil. We either buy multiple cheap pumps and expect them to break, or we go through a progression of varying pumps hopefully finding one that will last. Part of the problem is that most pumps are not meant to move high viscosity liquids like vegetable oil. They stress out, blow fuses, melt and flat out implode. WVO design’s has had enough. We have put an end to the pump dilemma by designing and refining a real waste oil pump. Say hello to our Monster Pump. Strapping a wicked array of rotary gears along with a beefy motor, this pump is The Answer.

With the Monster Pump you’ll get

  • Speed: save time and headache with an insanely fast pump – 10, 15 or 25 gallons per minute!!
  • Versatility: the pump is self priming, works with cold oil and is portable
  • Reliability: our custom built head an motor are over-built to be a dependable solution for years.  We back this up with a 5yr. warranty.  

We knew we had a good thing here, but the feedback from our customers suggest we have superior product.

You do not have to baby this pump!  If you run waste oils, you’re going to need a strong, reliable pump to collect oil, transfer it around and even fill your vehicle.


  • Long-lasting custom industrial motor: thermally protected and now available in 120v and 230v
  • Rock solid and powerful cast iron pump head: self-priming portable close-coupled rotary gear pump handles creamy, hydrogenated, vegetable, motor and other waste oils

Additional Specs

  • Weight:  30-45lbs
  • Suction height:  15ft
  • Push lift height:  90ft
  • Reversible: rewire or add a switch to allow dual directional flow!
  • Output: 43psi
  • Viton Seals
  • B100 compatible
  • Temperature rating of 400*F
  • Duty cycle: continuous
  • Priming: self priming
  • 10gpm (38 liters/min): 1/2" threaded ports, 3/4" hose barbs included
  • 15gpm (57 liters/min): 1/2" threaded ports,  3/4" hose barbs included
  • 25gpm (95 liters/min): 3/4" threaded ports, 1" hose barbs

The 25gpm does not work well with cold motor oil(<50*F). Use the 15gpm pump.

Pump needs oil to lubricate the gears. Will not work with water.