Benefits of BioPro Processors

Benefits of BioPro Biodiesel Processors - Why you should use the BioPro biodiesel processor to make biodiesel

Benefits of the BioPro Processor
The BioPro processors drastically shorten the learning curve required for making biodiesel. For instance, the BioPro is one of the few processors in its class to employ an esterification reaction along with the regular transesterification. What this means from a practical standpoint, is many oils that would yield soapy glop in other processors can be successfully turned into biodiesel using the BioPro. For typical waste vegetable oil, no titration or other chemical testing is required. When in doubt about a batch of oil, we recommend using our Go/No Go kits; within seconds, you'll know if your oil is useable.

Big Green Button Technology
The BioPro design provides unparalleled automation - no more "second jobs in the garage". Just push the Big Green Button and make fuel. The actual hands on time - all in - to make a batch of fuel is about 30 minutes. This number drops to about 10 minutes if you exclude the time to add all the ingredients to the machine!

Heavy Duty Construction
From the 14 gage stainless steel tanks to the stainless steel mixing propeller, the BioPros are heavy duty. The designs are well thought out, refined through tens of thousands of gallons of testing. All components are high quality and built to handle the jobs they perform.

The BioPro is equipped with manual overrides for all of the functions so that advanced users can alter the basic process. The owner’s manual gives guidelines on processing multiple feedstock's or using ethanol instead of methanol, performing two base catalyzed stages, tips for making fuel in cold weather, and much more

High Quality Fuel
The BioPro is capable of making fuel in compliance with ASTM D6751. Its aggressive mixing, and controlled heating facilitate complete reactions far better than systems which use a mixing pump. The triple stage water wash, which includes one coarse spray wash and two turbulent finish washes yields a clean fuel which goes above and beyond the ASTM specifications for removal of free glycerin, residual catalyst, soaps, and other contaminants.

The BioPro™ processors are totally self contained – no settling tanks, wash tanks, external plumbing, etc. The BioPro 190 is about the size of a typical refrigerator, while the 380 is bit larger than a typical vending machine, and the 150, with 40-gallon capacity, occupies less than 4 square feet.

Rapid Payback
The BioPro™ line of processors can pay for themselves in fuel savings in well under a year! With diesel in excess of $4 a gallon, it can be as quick as three months! Have a look at the Return on Investment for more details.

BioPro Processors do What They Claim
There are many processors that make huge capacity claims based on unrealistic data. Others have all sorts of hidden costs, various add-ons that are needed to actually make biodiesel. All of the information advertised about the BioPros; the process times, the wide range of oils that can be used, the quality of fuel that can be produced – are based on realistic and reasonable operating conditions that a user can actually expect to encounter, not on wishful thinking.