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Biodiesel for Casinos

Cards being dealt at a casino

Making a Difference

Most casinos, are in the business of feeding their guests. And any group or business that feeds people, has a unique opportunity to make a clean-burning, alternative and renewable fuel called biodiesel out of waste cooking oil that is collected from that casino’s restaurant kitchens.

If you own a BioPro biodiesel processor manufactured by Springboard Biodiesel, converting this waste stream into biodiesel is as easy as operating a washing machine and you will make your biodiesel for less than a dollar per gallon (ROI calculator). All that is required is to collect your waste cooking oil, pour it through a 300 micron filter straight into the machine, add your chemicals and, press start. Making biodiesel in a BioPro is that easy.

The BioPro will allow you to make ASTM-grade biodiesel (i.e. Federally approved grade) for approximately $0.95/gallon! Biodiesel will run in any diesel engine without the need to convert your engine and will blend with regular diesel at any ratio.Additionally, Biodiesel burns 78.5% cleaner than regular diesel according to the US EPA and every time you use it, you reduce the volume of pollutants that go into the atmosphere.


Case Study

Paul Totman of Colusa Indian Community Council with his BioPro 380 and SpringPro T76
Paul Totman of the Colusa Indian Community Council in Colusa CA

Colusa Indian Council

Paul Totman of The Colusa Indian Community Council stands on site with his BioPro380 and SpringPro T76. Paul and his colleague Scott Lunsford are in charge of making as much biodiesel as they can from a combination of reclaimed cooking oil (collected from the council's casino restaurants) and from safflower and sunflower crops the council grows on its sprawling 4,500 acres of farmland. "Just about every crop has some amount of oil in it" says Totman who points out that a vast amount of oil can be extruded from non-food grade crops. "One great source of oil for us now is sunflower screenings mixed with almond shells at a 90-10 blend," says Totman. Once the oil is extruded from these seeds it is converted to ASTM grade biodiesel in their BioPro™ and the remaining meal (a protein rich feed for livestock) can be sold for approximately $200/ton. Paul can make 200 gallons of ASTM grade biodiesel per day. He calculates that their total cost to make biodiesel, in chemical inputs, energy and labor is $1.50 per gallon! And that's before tax credits for alternative energy equipment is factored in.

Case Study

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Mystic Lake Casino

Mystic Lake is the biggest casino in Minnesota. In 2007, Fleet Services launched a biodiesel program to reduce diesel emissions and save money on fuel costs. Each month, they collect cooking oil from the casino’s nine restaurants and produce as much as 1,080 gallons of biodiesel in a BioPro™ 380EX. According to their website, 11,626 gallons of biodiesel were pumped into shuttle buses and other vehicles from April 29, 2009 to March 2, 2010. That 11 month period saved them $23,252 and kept approximately 110 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.  

Case Study

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Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Atmore, AL

Laura Cook, the Environmental Director for The Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Atmore, Alabama, estimates that her group makes biodiesel for $1.04/gallon out of waste cooking oil captured from their casino’s three restaurants. They began converting their biodiesel in a BioPro 190 at the beginning of 2008. They experimented with the fuel in several vehicles until they were given tribal approval to use the fuel in more and larger construction vehicles. The tribe’s intention is to expand their biodiesel production over time, based on how much cooking oil they can capture.