Biodiesel Production

Biodiesel Production – Why Biodiesel is (part of) the Answer

We believe that the burning of fossil fuels is a problem because fossil fuels are finite, they add significantly to pollution, and they generally come from locations outside US borders, presenting us with a ever increasing "access" and "cost" problem. Switching to biodiesel will solve and/or reduce many of those problems. If you don't know much about biodiesel production and why it's so much better than normal diesel, let us help you out.​

The Diesel Engine Problem

More than 60 billion gallons of diesel were consumed in the US last year

  • Economic cost = approximately $180 billion
  • Environmental impact = 660 million tons of CO2
  • Substantially negative health impact of diesel emissions – 10x higher cancer risk than all other hazardous air pollutants combined
  • The rest of the world is far more diesel centric – especially emerging economies R.O.W. consumed over 160 billion gallons worth almost $500 billion and responsible for over 1.76 billion tons of CO2
  • By 2020 it is projected that more than 1 billion cars will be on the road

​This is a global issue that creates a global opportunity.

How Beneficial is Biodiesel?

Chart showing biodiesel missions vs conventional diesel emissions.

Average biodiesel emissions compared to conventional diesel*

Garbage truck equivalent metrics:
Average garbage truck travels 25K miles/yr and gets 3mpg

  • 92.5 tons of CO2/truck/yr
  • Cost to switch to biodiesel = $0.00
  • Every 100 trucks converted to B-100 reduces CO2 by 14.4MM pounds

* Source: EPA, NREL

Chart showing CO2 produced from various fuel sources

To learn about how you or your business can start biodiesel production with a fully automated biodiesel processor check out the BioPro line of biodiesel processors.