Why BioPro?

Why BioPro? The Benefits of Making Biodiesel in a BioPro Processor

  1. If a business or institution makes biodiesel using Springboard Biodiesel equipment AND can collect used cooking oil for free, that entity will make a clean burning diesel replacement fuel for approximately $1.15/gallon – give or take 15 cents depending on where you live – is the cost of all the other inputs required, including electricity, to make one gallon of fuel in a BioPro.
  2. According to The California Air Resources board, if you make biodiesel out of collected waste cooking oil, it emits 90% less CO2 and approximately 50% less particulate matter than regular diesel in its life cycle of production [Evaluation of biodiesel, CA Air Resources Board ].
  3. Biodiesel can be made from any vegetable or animal oil. Most BioPro™ owners convert used cooking oil, however, we do have a growing base of farmers who are converting everything from sunflower and canola oil to liquefied pork fat. More feed stock sources continue to emerge.
  4. Biodiesel will run in any diesel engine without the need to convert your engine. If you have a newer model engine that uses diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology, and you are leery of OEM positions on recommended blends, you may want to mix your biodiesel with more diesel (approximately 20% bio mixed with 80% diesel) until you decide to experiment with higher blends.
  5. Biodiesel is better for the life of your engines. It has superior lubricity than regular diesel and will create less wear in an engine (particularly significant when compared with ultra-low sulfur diesel.)
  6. Biodiesel will mix, at any ratio, with diesel, so it can be blended and used in conjunction with diesel.
  7. Biodiesel made locally on domestic soil reduces dependence on imported oil.

BioPro distinguishers:

  1. These machines are automated and easy to operate.
  2. They are designed to produce fuel for many years: 20+ years minimum if treated well.
  3. They are safe.
  4. They make biodiesel for the lowest possible cost – approximately $US 1.15 per gallon + the cost of your feed stock oil.
  5. They conduct a two-step reaction (an acid reaction followed by a base reaction) allowing them to convert dirtier oils than other reactors that only perform a base reaction.
  6. The BioPros™ make ASTM D6751 grade biodiesel fuel consistently from any feedstock oil that is 5% in free fatty acids (FFA) or less.
  7. There is a set recipe for making biodiesel in a BioPro, therefore, you do not have to titrate before each batch. This saves time.
  8. They have a small footprint and can fit nearly anywhere.
  9. We have been making these units since 2008 years and we offer excellent support. We have units in operation in 37 countries and in all 50 states and some of our customers include the US military, 101 universities, the Florida National Guard, a long list of restaurants, municipalities and food producers. See case study links below.
  10. Economics: How much oil can you collect? Note that the BioPro 380 EX working with the SpringPro T76  can produce 275 gallons or 1039 liters per day.

Notable customers