DW-R10 Ion Exchange Resin

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DW-R10 Ion Exchange Resin

DW-R10 is a premium-grade ion exchange resin that cleans and polishes raw biodiesel after it has been reacted (and the glycerin has been removed) in the BioPro processing system. DW-R10 is perfectly suited for the SpringPro T76 two-column drywashing system and is for use in the 2nd "lag" column;  after fuel has been reacted and the glycerin has been drained off, raw biodiesel fuel can pass through a "lead" column filled with absorbent media (we recommend BD ZorbX) and then through a "lag" column filled with this DW-R10.

Note: using the SpringPro T76 drywash system is not a requirement of making high quality biodiesel; it is an alternative system for cleaning raw, reacted biodiesel and it allows a user to speed up their process to as little as 11.5 hrs/batch (total time) in a BioPro 190EX.

DW-R10 is the most cost effective “lag column” polishing resin that we know of.

DW-R10 is designed to convert remaining soap molecules from the lead column into free-fatty acids (FFAs). It also removes lingering water, catalyst, soap and glycerin. Unlike other ion exchange resins, DW-R10 should not darken outgoing biodiesel.

Springboard Biodiesel recommends using 50lbs of DW-R10 in the SpringPro T76 lag column. [Note that DW-R10 will swell to over twice its size when soaked in biodiesel so DO NOT load more than 50lbs into the T76 column. DW-R10 should be loaded (dry) no higher than 23 inches into the column, when soaked in biodiesel this should expand to approximately 64 inches in the column. Using more than 50lbs in the SpringPro T76 could result in rupture or damage of the T76.

When used in conjunction with BD-ZorbX in the "lead" column, DW-R10 can treat an estimated 6250 to 8750 gallons biodiesel before requiring replacement.

Total cost = $425 per 50 lb refill. This includes shipping cost to anywhere in the contiguous US.

Please contact Springboard Biodiesel for international quotes or with further questions.