Why ASTM is Important

ASTM: What It Means and How to Attain it

ASTM International (ASTM), originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

ASTM D6751 Is the name given to the entire suite of tests performed on biodiesel fuel. For a batch of biodiesel fuel to meets or exceed ASTM D6571, it must, by definition, meet or exceed the various specifications that comprise D6751.
The following paper discusses some of the most important specifications that are incorporated within the ASTM D6751 suite of tests and describes how the BioPro™ line of processors successful meets them.

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ASTM D6584: Free & Total Glycerin

EN 14538: Potassium and Sodium by Spectrometric Analysis

ASTM D2500: Cloud and Pour Point

ASTM D445: Viscosity

ASTM D664: Total Acid Number (TAN)

ASTM D63: Flash Point

STM D2709: Water and Sediment

ASTM D1160: Distillation, 90% Recovery

EN 14112: Oxidative Stability

Sample Test Results